Analog & Mixed Signal Design

GMS is a one-stop shop for designing custom products from the ground up on dedicated foundries, working as deep as at the transistor level in order to reach a specific set of constraints.

Analog Design

While we also use state of the art digital tool flows where appropriate, the real world is still analog. Some of our products need carefully regulated internal voltages and charge pumps along with sophisticated level shifters, others need programmable H-bridge current drivers and low-noise differential amplifiers. We design DLLs, PLLs, A/D and D/A converters as well as high-speed receivers and output drivers for the latest technology nodes.

For these tasks, we also rely on the experience of our physical design team, which knows how to lay out critical analog circuits to minimize mismatch and effects of process variation.

Full Custom Development

Our R&D team is experienced in designing ASICs from the early technology development up to the test chips and associated test programs for functionality / yield assessment & monitoring.

We develop product prototypes alongside the ongoing technology development process and work closely with device and manufacturing experts to deliver the test vehicles they need, while simultaneously preparing for the initial launch products.

We help you to bring your licensed technology to market in the shortest time possible.

White Papers

Our firm has authored a multitude of comprehensive white papers. We invite you to explore our library. For full access and the ability to download any of our papers, please submit a request for access.