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Green Mountain is hiring a Circuit Design Engineer

TITLE: Circuit Design Engineer


  • Analyze specifications or conceptual design ideas: apply knowledge of theory and principles of Electrical Engineering to turn concepts into a functional circuit, meeting quality goals and deadlines;
  • Analyze and create signal processing filters to extract information from electrical currents and voltages;
  • Perform transistor-level and gate-level schematic entry;
  • Perform SPICE level circuit simulation and analyze results;
  • Assist in identifying customer requirements and selecting the best approach to implement product requirements in a custom circuit;
  • Create a product circuit specification;
  • Partition product functionality requirements into logical blocks (circuit blocks) that can be implemented in parallel by multiple designers in a team of sequentially;
  • Implement circuit blocks into functional circuit blocks that can be tested and simulated individually by choosing and deciding on the most appropriate design methodology;
  • Create simulation and physical verification run sets;
  • Document and communicate all results with team members; and
  • Turn an abstract product requirement into a specification to facilitate the design, test, and manufacturing of the final circuit.



•    Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering, or a closely related field.

•    Must have six (6) months of working experience in Electrical Engineering, Circuits Engineering, Electrical Design Engineering, Electrical Circuits Engineering Instruction, or related fields. The required working experience must include at least three (3) months of experience in using MATLAB; and minimum of three (3) months of experience in linear circuit design.


28 Howard Street, Suite 301, Burlington, VT 05401.

CV to Green Mountain Semiconductor [email protected] or call (802) 343-8175.